Our Philosophy

We believe stablecoins are important tools for traders because many of the exchanges don't support the conversion of fiat dollars for cryptocurrencies; instead allowing trading of two cryptocurrencies only.

Verifiable liquidity of Spera digital dollars will be of benefit to users of escrow services and traders alike.

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How We Started

Verifundr is primarily an escrow platform that provides full compliance with respect to AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations for financial transactions recorded on a Blockchain ledger. This combination of a centralized and decentralized operation represents the cutting edge of security for cryptoasset transfers. The platform will utilize and manage its own cryptocurrency called Spera (SRA) as a US dollar pegged safe-harbor cryptoasset. Verifundr will make its own market in SRA by supporting and maintaining a $1 minimum bid on a private exchange called Tyrtrade, while allowing for and contributing to value and increasing demand for the trusted coins. This bid support, backed by trust deposits in custodial banks, will decrease price volatility experienced by most cryptocurrency.

This makes Speras a safe transition asset between the traditional crypto and fiat currencies. It also allows for the transfer of digital dollars between community members worldwide and external trading partners as well as paying for Verifundr member services, such as escrow.



Case for a Stablecoin

While the emergence of cryptocurrency is on the rise there still exists the critical problem of facilitating basic transactions inside simple wallets. The production, supply and use cases for digital currency continues to remain highly fragmented creating extreme pricing unpredictability.

Therefore using digital currencies to conduct hard-asset transactions is improbable unless the risk is mitigated. Other stablecoins address the volatility challenge but they are not without problems stemming largely from trust, credibility, usability issues and lack of transparency.

Spera Digital Dollar

Trustworthy Redemption

Guarantees of quick conversion of fiat dollars to cryptocurrency and back to fiat is core to our financial ecosystem and payment delivery.