How It Works

1. Apply for membership and complete a vetting process

2. From a dashboard, members can access a US dollar wallet

3. Funds can be transferred from the member’s bank to the dollar wallet

4. From the dashboard, a Spera wallet can be added

5. Members can purchase Spera by transferring funds from the funded dollar wallet or wiring US dollars directly to the Tyrtrade exchange

6. Spera can be used for payment in escrow and then be converted to arrive in US dollars into the beneficiary’s account by going through the stablecoin interchange or vice versa

7. Escrow can be funded in either US dollars or Spera digital dollars, the choice remains with the members

8. Transferring funds in Spera and converting to US dollars upon arrival is more efficient than most currently available bank wiring options

9. Payments don't have to be converted into different fiat currencies; a person in India could receive USD-backed Spera and not be obligated to convert them to rupees immediately, saving massive percentages on exchange fees


Spera Function Demo